Back Online

I’ve finally decided to get back into blogging. We’ll see where this takes me.



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3 responses to “Back Online

  1. I saw your article featuring representative images. You mentioned GOLDEN HOURS, edited by H.V. Osborne. I am a librarian in her hometown, Derby, Connecticut. She was Helen Virginia Osborne, who had studied at Vassar. I am at a small, privately funded library begun by her father–Maj. Wilbur Fisk Osborne. He was a devout Methodist, educated at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. It was good to know that all the issues of GOLDEN HOURS are housed at Drew. Thank you for your archival efforts. Dr. Patricia E. Sweeney

  2. Chris

    Thank you for leaving a reply Dr. Sweeney. We do have quite a few volumes of Golden Hours as well as several hundred other Methodist-related periodicals in our collection. Golden Hours has so many interesting images and stories. I was not familiar with the editorial background of the periodical – thank you for connecting me with Helen Virginia Osborne and her father Maj. Wilber Fisk Osborne. I hope you are enjoying your work in the library!


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