20,000 Pamphlets and Counting…

We are currently adding an additional 5,000 publications to our Methodist Pamphlet Collection here at the Drew University Methodist Library. The more we work through these small, yet interesting, print materials the more I find myself fascinated with the amount of information Methodists have produced the past 250 years. From sermons to funeral notices to missionary tracts to anti-amusement jeremiads – Methodists liked to promote themselves and their theological and cultural opinions.

The Methodist Pamphlet Collection includes materials from the United Methodist Church as well as the many Methodist-related denominations linked in some way to the 1784 founding of the Methodist Episcopal Church. We have materials from the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Methodist Protestant Church, the Wesleyan Church, Free Methodist Church, and Colored (now Christian) Methodist Episcopal Church. The collection also includes pamphlets from various British Methodist denominations dating back to the time of John and Charles Wesley.

You can access the current finding aid or visit the Drew University Methodist Library website for additional information and access to other materials. If you would like a scan or photocopy of a particular pamphlet please contact me at cjanders at drew.edu. Or, you may have a box of pamphlets that you’d like to donate to our collection. If so, we’d be pleased to add your materials to our research library.



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2 responses to “20,000 Pamphlets and Counting…

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  2. i’ve got a ton of old tracts that were left in my office before i cleaned it out:) i think they all made the tract rack though, you’ll have to look through them Sunday am~

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